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We are Leipzigers and we want to exchange information about connective and supporting tissue (fascia). This website combines researching action and acting research. We seek exchange and develop joint projects.

Why Fascia?​

Fascia are mainly formed from water. As far as we know, this water is in structural order. Water binds itself peripherally to our main protein, collagen. This forms what can be called »fascia«: a comprehensive network of connective and supporting tissue, the human form, the body. The cells allow this aqueous form to develop and live. However, the form can also continue to exist independently of cells as a fascia network. The form can therefore be thought independently of the existence of cells, but never independently of water.


Why Leipzig?​

Leipzig seems to be a healing place. The Dalei Lama once called the city »holy«. It is large enough to accommodate numerous personalities who want to put their knowledge of mankind to practical use. Their reflections on fascias and their work at the university, at the colleges, at medical and paramedical institutions, at the theatres, at the opera and in the fine arts are increasingly noticed – beyond Leipzig’s borders. In the trade fair city itself, we regularly exchange ideas and information. This personal encounter should allow us to recognise the fascial form through the eyes of the other.

Why Fascia Leipzig?

If we form an extended group beyond the Leipzig area – the city as a nucleus, a place where we meet – we can jointly expand our knowledge of the fascial form: »Leipzig is a little Paris and educates its people« wrote Johann Wolgang von Goethe in the family album of his first study city. Let us show that he is right! To this day we know neither the essence of the human form nor its meaning. When we in Leipzig and beyond the borders of our city think about what form actually is, we hope to be able to draw salutary conclusions for our professions.

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Prof Dr med Ingo Bechmann

Specialist for Anatomie (Facharzt für Anatomie), Director of the Institute of Anatomy, University Leipzig, Tel. +49 341 97 22001

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Dr rer medic habil Hanno Steinke

Taxidermist, anatomist, private lecturer in anatomy, Tel. +49 341 97 22003

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Charlotte Kulow BSc Hons

I am currently studying and researching at the Leipzig Anatomy Department the fascia surrounding the lumbar plexus particularly in relation to the femoral nerve. I am a native English speaker and a trained British Osteopath of 20 years.

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Dr Mara Sandrock

Since the beginning of my studies I have worked at the Institute of Anatomy. First as a tutor and doctoral student and then in the initial phase of creating the 'Atlas of Human Fascial Topography' as an employee and medical illustrator. I have worked as a doctor in teaching, research and illustrations (scills.net) since September 2018 which has allowed me to combine my fascination of macroscopic anatomy, art and science.

Marie Lynn Speckert

I am interested in interfaces between art and medicine. As an artist I am always searching for aesthetic forms in facias and tissues. Especially by making plastinates, colorings, instructional models and other labor dissection works. Website: www.mdura.com

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